Frisbee CAD

Does anyone have a CAD model of this year’s game pieces?

After not being able to find a CAD model of the Frisbees, I modeled one in SolidWorks quickly. I still need to go back and double check my dimensions (At the time I didn’t know the manual had the official dimensions in it). I can post it online if people would like :slight_smile:

You can check out this thread:

On Monday morning the Autodesk Inventor 2013 Kit of Parts and a model of the competition field will be posted on the Autodesk Education Community web site. STEP files will also come with it which you can open in any CAD program.

Yes Please :slight_smile:

Ok, so here is a model.

It has the curved surfaces (done as accurately as I could do). The diameter, height, and thickness should be correct, but the curvature may not be.

The file is a .STEP so you should be able to import it into any CAD software. Let me know if you need a specific file type.

(I think you’ll just need to right click and ‘Save As’)

I would assume that a Frisbee would be with the CAD models of the field which have not been posted. (I think) FIRST was saying that the CAD models would posted soon.

CAD models are on the website, the links are/were messed up (I’m on my phone and can’t be bothered to check right now). There are a couple of URLs that successfully link to the PDFs, but some that don’t. I think the field drawing has a URL that goes to “somethingsomething.pd”. The “f” is missing in “pdf”, so just add it.

I used the CAD model for some CFD. Our team probably won’t use it, I was just bored this morning and decided to have some fun :smiley:

I simulated a tossed frisbee at 10 m/s with a rotation rate of 600 RPM in the positive Y axis (as if you threw it left handed). No angle of attack.

Note, dynamic pressures are used and are in Pascals

i think you can download the model from the FRC website

Could you post a link? I cant find any CAD frisbee links on frc

Autodesk has not yet made available the 2013 KOP, but PTC has uploaded the KOP and Field CAD Models for this year. They should work on Creo, and MAYBE Inventor, but I didn’t have any luck opening them on Inventor 2013 or Creo (but I think I installed Creo incorrectly).

You can find all KOP-related items (checklist, CAD links, etc.) on the USFIRST Page.

Good Luck!

That’s the problem.

It seems like cad models from autodesk aren’t going to come until Monday. A week day.

The models from PTC are done in Creo 2.0. Right now Inventor and Solidworks are unable to convert files made from Creo 2.0, PTC did make the new software available if you want to upgrade. I converted PTCs frisbee to an .ipt it works in Inventor 2012 and 2013.

The model of the Frisbee that I posted earlier is apparently incorrect.

In the rules, section 2.2.11 “The DISCS”, it says the discs have a diameter of 10.625" and a height of 1.25". On both AndyMark’s website and Wham-O’s website, it says they have a diameter of 11" and a height of 1.4"

I’m sure there is correct model of the Frisbee already for Creo and Inventor, but for those of us using SolidWorks, I’ll re post an updated CAD file of the Frisbee I modeled after I can get my hands on one to confirm which dimensions are correct.

Any chance you could you post this as a STEP file?

Anthony – thanks for the attachment!

Solid works should be ableto open an .ipt

Any idea which dimensions are correct? It seems that the ones FIRST posted are more accurate, but I want to make sure before I build anything.

EDIT: I’ve edited Max’s frisbee model to correspond with the rules’ dimensions of 10.625" dia and 1.25" hight.



Please let me know if this link does not work, or if anything is incorrect with the model.

I think that the diameter of the Step file is incorrect. I measured it in Inventor and got 11.16 for a diameter.