Frisbee Loader

Here is how we are going to move our frisbee from the floor pick up track and hopper to our linear shooter.

Looks like a simple, smooth operating mechanism. Thanks for sharing!

This is awesome!
Just curious have you guys done any testing with a vertical hopper where the discs are stacked?

That looks realy nice. Thanks for posting the video.


We are working on an extremely similar design. Your prototypes look awesome, cant wait to see the final product.

No we can only do one at a time…

We did this on a table top, just stacking discs, they like to stick together. I guess it can be made to work, but why?

It’s one of the least space intensive ways (in fact, the lowest volume possible) way to hold 4 disks. Design dependent, of course, but we’ve had good performance with something that looks much like this.