Frisbee Pickup: Right Side Up or Upside Down?

I was wondering whether most frisbees landing on the field as a result of missed shots will land upside down or right side up. During a kickoff event with MARs (2614), we discussed this issue, and decided that most frisbees will hit something, become destabilized, and fall to the ground upside down. Though this seems logical, I am skeptical about this hypothesis and would like some other opinions. This is critical because it might decide if the robot needs to be designed to flip frisbees after picking them up.

We did our best to test this multiple times using our shooter last night. The only time a frisbee was flipped upside-down after shooting it was when it made mid-air contact with another frisbee. This being said, we were testing on a tiled floor not a carpeted floor.

How about both?:wink:

Your best bet is to chuck some discs at a wall and see how many actually flip. In our brief exploration into this we found that discs tended to stay upright.

The discs are slippery, so while they may loose forward momentum by hitting a wall, they generally stay spinning when they hit the floor. Check out some frisbee trick-shot videos, especially ones where discs are bounced off of multiple surfaces and maintain stability.

Thanks! We did a test (more like a badly aimed throw) using a wall outside with rough asphalt below. Surprisingly, the frisbee landed right side up each time. These “tests” also involved me getting bonked in the back of the head, but that is a different story.::safety::

We spent like 30 minutes doing nothing but throwing frisbees at things, in the air, as hard as we could, as soft as we could, etc, and we managed to get a grand total of one frisbee to land upside down.

How about neither?

Let’s not get into quantum physics here.:smiley:

From all the tests i have looked at majority of the frisbees landed right-side up but do not count out the possibility of them landing up-side down. It will happen.

What about the load of hammer shots in the last 30 seconds? I would definitely say there will be both upside down and right side up.

Depends what you’re doing in the last 30 seconds.