Frisco, Texas - Library Robotics Space


My name is Suchi, I’m from #8055 EGM Robotics (BOSS BOTS) and a former participant of FTC.

On April 5th, my team presented at the Frisco City Council with support from two other FRC teams to propose a FIRST Robotics Space in the city.

Link to City Council Agenda & Video (we start speaking around the 47-minute mark) : View Meeting - OnBase Agenda Online

We have been invited to meet with City Council officials on April 19th at 5 pm to discuss what a potential robotics space at the library would need to benefit robotics teams. We would love to have representation from FRC and FTC teams, as it would benefit both programs the most. This could allow your team a place to build, practice, and hold informal scrimmages with other teams.

Please let me know if your team would be interested in this opportunity to make robotics spaces more accessible to others, and let me know if you have any questions!

#8055 EGM Robotics - BOSS BOTS


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