Frog Force 503 Chairman's Award Submission - 2017

I’m proud to present Frog Force 503’s 2017 Chairman’s Award Submission. The team has worked very hard this year, both on our outreach efforts and our Submission. I’m incredibly proud of our Chairman’s group and all the hard work we’ve put in. 503 didn’t win this year, but several people have asked to see our submission, so I figured I’d post it for those who are curious. As my fourth and final personal submission, I’m very proud of what the team has produced.

  • Here is the written submission which includes the Essay and Executive Summary. The theme is based on the Where is *
    Going?* blog post. Although we didn’t include that in our submission anywhere, I would recommend reading the post for additional context.

  • Thisis a recording of our presentation. It underwent some revision between our first and second District events, but I feel that both versions were definitely up to par and had the same message. The matching of essay and presentation theme was intentional this year, although we don’t necessarily align these two for every submission. The text is probably too small to see in this video, so refer to this image, designed in-house by our talented Multimedia team.

  • Here’s our 2017 Chairman’s Award video. A HUGE thank you to Novi High School French teacher and future Grammy-winning director, Mr. LeTarte, for producing our video this year. Your guidance and assistance has been crucial; this is definitely the best Chairman’s Award video we’ve ever produced.

  • And although it’s not an official part of the presentation, I figured I’d include our Judge Handouts and Annotated Submission. Both documents were included in the folders we gave to the judges at the beginning of our presentation. Note that the attached documents cited here were in our team Evidence Book, which we gave to the judges at the start of our presentation.

Although our streak is not as long or record-breaking as 2056’s incredible 23-undefeated-Regional-streak, I’m still very proud of our team’s accomplishments. I take pride in graduating from such a hard-working team after four fantastic seasons. If you have any feedback, content or submission-wise, let us know. The judges didn’t provide a ton of feedback at either of our Districts, so if the Chief Delphi community has any to offer, we’d appreciate it.

Thank you for posting this! Example submissions are always needed. Frog Force is definitely a role model team.

Wow this was really well put together! The Judge Handouts were extremely detailed and looked amazing. What a model team!