Frog Force 503 FRC Simulator

Throughout the past summer we’ve been working on a 3d FRC Simulator for last year’s game. The binaries and source code are available at We modified the game a slight bit to make it easier to understand and easy to control with one player. Human playing is completely automatic, there is only one shooting preset, but it works from anywhere in a unrealistically large range, and we removed zones and the bar in the center of the goal. You can control either a tank drive robot or a swerve, and controls exist for keyboard and for xbox controller. Here are the controls:

If you’re coming to our kickoff tomorrow, we’ll have a table you can play with it at too. Feel free to look through the source code and ask questions. We plan on modifying this for next years game and will post it when it’s complete.

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Here are some screenshots. Player controlled robots are a lighter color than the rest of their alliance.

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This is way cool! Like so cool! I was hoping for a 3D aerial assist sometime.
Sometimes your robot gets glued to another one though. EDIT: And glued to the low goal. Avoid those like the plague.
EDIT: There are a few bugs. But I am keeping this forever.

We’ve also noticed those bugs. Getting rid of the bumpers fixes it, but we don’t really want to sacrifice such a crucial element. So, we will be working on a fix to this problem. Glad you enjoy it, and one thing is for sure, we will be updating this with many bug fixes and likely added functionalities (options mid-game, restart capabilities, omni-wheels, and possibly an actual intake rather than the imaginary one in place now).

wow guys this is cool omg! the team that is responsible for this must have come really cool members :wink:

In all seriousness, what are your plans for the 2015 game? A full field with opponents creating their own score, or just a half-field with your alliance?

How do you get this to work?

Download in link provided and extract the dist folder to anywhere. Then run the .jar in the folder. That should work if you have an updated version of java.

This is incredibly entertaining. After a season with a robot that collects from the back, I have a tendency to shoot backwards :yikes: I’ve also noticed I have a tendency to get stuck on the one-point goal. very fun game!

Edit: There seems to be some problems with getting stuck on things, especially the one point goals. I won a match cause all 3 opposing bots got stuck to their goals!

This is the BEST ever!!!:yikes: PLEASE make another one for this year!!! :smiley: