From 24V to 12V

Is there anyway to change the 24V Double Solenoids to 12V instead.

The solenoid coils are optimized for 24 volts. They might operate at 12 volts but not reliably.

Is the 24v solenoid your robot (If so I have a solution) or is it for a electronics project (if so I have another solution)

For SMC solenoids it’s just a matter of swapping out the 24 volt coil for a 12 volt one. Imagine it’s similar for the KOP solenoids.

You can buy the 12vdc sub-bases from AndyMark and convert the KOP solenoids.

They will work at 12 or 24 volts.

If it is for a FRC bot I would just wire them to use 24v from the distribution board… 24V works a lot better from my experience.

The solenoids are interchangable on the valve and 12v solenoids can be obtained from Festo or a dealer.

Neither 12v or 24v solenoids work better or worse than the other. The coils are designed to provide the same function, and are simply offered in different voltages to match the users needs. There could be some difference in the stabilty or capacity of the 12v or 24v supply on the robot.

Also important to keep in mind… running one of the typical 24V solenoids on a 12V relay can drive you mad trying to debug the problem. The LED’s on the solenoid can light up and make it look like it’s working, but it won’t actually switch anything!

A very common problem I have seen often, usually from teams who have followed a KOP wiring diagram using 12v breakout board.

We are using it for an offseason robot project.

Use the 24v pd slot