From FIRST Pits to a Shelter For the Homeless


While browsing, I thought this picture would be bring something home for anyone who attended the 2003 Championships in Houston.

Caption from their website:

"Sept. 1: Hurricane Katrina refugees begin to fill up cots on the floor of the Huston Astrodome. "

I can’t imagine what living conditions are like in there.


Tytus’ Astrodome Panoramic from 2003:


I saw something on the news this morning saying that so far there have been 2 murders, 1 suicide, couple rapes and dozens of burglaries/assaults.


It was hard enough fitting all of the FIRST people in there during good conditions, It must be a nightmare to be living there.
I hope all of those people can be relocated as soon as possible to better spaces.


This may well be the first time I’ve ever wanted to see a FIRST competition’s venue empty. I hope they get into some real living space soon.


Couple more…:


Most definately a good use for an unused large space.


i’m glad though these people have a place to stay for a must be horrid though and the rapings, killings and all are just horrible. this is such a horrible tragedy that nobody should have to deal w/.

it is weird to see where our pits where a few years ago and now people’s homes. it was just home for our robots for 3 lovely days…


Important note!

The reports of deaths, murders and rapes are from the New Orleans’ superdome and convention centre. The pictured dome is in Houston. It is being very tightly controlled and monitored. While living conditions are undoubtedly going to be cramped, they shouldn’t be dangerous.

Certainly better then where they had come from.

On an up note, Marines, Army and National guardsmen are being sent. Some are already arrived. Soon, all these looters and wackos are going to be up against soldiers who were in Iraq and Afghanistan not long ago. Probably won’t take long to get the message across.

-Andy A.