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Hey all animators and wanna be animators…and everyone else!
this is liz here and i have a big question to ask you all…

What is the best animated movie there is? this is solely on the animation and how they did it.

My pick is going to be Finding Nemo from Pixar and Disney.
From what i have seen so far it surpasses Toy Story(2) and Monsters Inc. these are really the only movies i can think of at this time…what do you guys think?

My favorite animated movie, the one that impresses me the most is Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s the first full-length stop-motion animated film ever created. Jack has over 400 interchangeable heads, handcrafted with a different facial expression. Stop-motion animation is very hard to do without it looking slightly choppy, but Nightmare flowed perfectly!

I think it’s funny how that all the movies you mentioned were Pixar movies. I think Nemo will be good, but The Emperor’s New Groove is the best animated movie IMHO. Gotta love sophisticated humor with Ertha Kit.

I know that the computer animated movies are the closest related to what we are doing at FIRST and all of those movies are terrific (I am quite sure I will love Finding Nemo. Pixar has never let me down) but those aren’t even my favorite Pixar movies. I just love Knick Knack!
I think you are selling traditional animation short. I love Princess Monokoe’s storyline and the fact that the characters motivations were not simply painted in shades of black and white. You can agree with their veiws and find fault with them at the same time and of course it is lavishly animated, the story is engrssing and the characters are terrific.

Just a suggestion - you guys might want to check out the Animatrix - a collection of short animated stories set in the universe of the Matrix. I don’t think they have a rating, but the violence and language are similar to the movie, so if you don’t watch R-rated stuff, don’t watch this. There is some fantastic animation in them though - the one called “Detective story” has a look that combines film noir with anime, and looks incredible.

Now back to the topic at hand -

My favorite animated film is Toy Story. The story is great, the music is great, the animation is beautiful, and that Buzz Lightyear cracks me up.

I don’t belive you’ll forget Final Fantasy: TSW. I would have to vote for that movie for the best 100% 3D movie attemting realizim.

Now, for a < 100% 3D movie, I would have to say Star Wars: Episode II - Attack Of The Clones is the best. (I haven’t seen Reloaded yet.;))

For 2D animation, I would have to say Mobil Suit: Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz is the BEST.

oh, come on guys. Shrek :slight_smile:

Though the contect of the movie was not too good. I have to admit that I was in aww when i saw the realism to Final Fantasy. It was just awsome. However the best digitally animated movie with contect I would say is Shrek

The realism of final fantasy wasn’t perfect. i’m going with Tully. Shrek rules. Its defenitly the best animated movie and a really really great movie in general.

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**The realism of final fantasy wasn’t perfect. **

Maybe I said this wrong, I meant in the modeling, maybe textures would be a better word. If you were to look that especially the faces of the characters, it was exteremely realistic.

Also I would say the best non-human character to be done,(if I am correct on who this is) is Tully from monsters INC. The amount of moving hair on him is truely amazing. A first to even have so much moving at one time. Wonder how long that took to render each frame :stuck_out_tongue: .

Shrek is by far the best animated movie. Toy Story 1 and 2 were the second best. Allthough I have not seen Finding Nemo I think this is probably 3rd best. I was not to thrilled with the story line of Monster Inc., so I will classify that as 4th.

Dude you gotta have more options than Disney/Pixar, I wanna see Beast Wars Up on that list!

Dude you gotta have more options than Disney/Pixar, I wanna see Beast Wars Up on that list!

Not really an animated movie unless I am missing something but that was a great looking cartoon.

I think Shrek was the best animated film with content as well.

Final Fantasy did an AMAZING job from what I saw, but I didn’t like the actual story too much.

I’d also like to recommend the Animatrix, they did some crazy animation combinations from computer work to hand-drawn… the one fully animated does an amazing job with textures, especially in the beginning, in the action scene it’s not as amazing, but it really is impressive.

Overall, company-wise, I think Pixar is definitly the best animation company, they’re always coming out with high-quality work. None of the movies they’ve made as been a disappointment imho.

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**Dude you gotta have more options than Disney/Pixar, I wanna see Beast Wars Up on that list! **

Shrek is Dreamworks, silly! Get with it ! :wink:

If you’re talking about 3-D animated films, then I’m going w/ Finding Nemo. Shrek and Toy Story are right up there with it, but I found Finding Nemo’s story incredible.

Now, 2-d Animation… wow… there are just way too many to choose from… but I’m going with Katsuhiro Otomo’s AKIRA. Made in 1988, it’s probably one of the most infulential 2-d animations ever made. It is rated R, so yeah… if you’re too young or can’t handle it… or something… don’t watch it. But really, Otomo brought Anime into the limelight with AKIRA, so I suggest you watch it if you haven’t already… OH yeah, and Kaneda (main character) has one of the coolest FF cycles I’ve ever seen. :smiley:

(oh, and the cycle pictured is just a full scale model. There is no true working model of Kaneda’s bike in existance, but many FF cycles have been inspired from this design.)

Thats a good anime, ive seen it quite a few times.

What about Spirited Away. Amazing story and animation even nicer than Princess Mononoke. It was also the most successful movie in Japanese theaters ever. But if were going for the best animation ever, my vote goes to Jin-Roh

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**my vote goes to Jin-Roh

That movie looked good, but I had a really hard time understanding it… maybe it was just a little too far out there for me.:confused: All I know is it’s like a modern adaptation of Little Red Writing Hood. Nevertheless, it was interesting.

im telling you right now that you will never beat toy story it is my favorite movie of all time, animated or not, it was amazing, granted i still have yet to see finding nemo im excited because i heart pixar like woah