From the Ice Age to Robot City. The Few, The Proud, The Machines (new movie)

I always like seeing new Robot inspired movies and this one was definately inspired by robots…

Now we’ll get the kids asking us at demo’s next year if our robot talks.
Maybe it will… :slight_smile:

And look, it’s being released in March of 2005. Just in time for an after hours trip at a regional.

Or, even better, all you regional plannning commitees… What about screening the movie at the Regionals that are happening that weekend?

Anything can happen… right?

I’ve got the perfect idea for a robot for next year now…

I like their Rube Goldberg style transportation system, I want to go for a ride on it!

I’m dying here…that’s great!
“Why do you call her Aunt Fanny?”
“We couldn’t call her Aunt Booty…”
That was awesome…I’m still laughing. I’m so seeing that! I think our team should take a small field trip…:stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like I know what I’ll be doing one of the weekend nights of the UTC regional.

Btw, the other regionals that same weekend are:
Arizona Regional, Phoenix, AZ
Florida Regional, Orlando, FL
Great Lakes Regional, Ypsilanti, MI
**Pittsburgh Regional, **Pittsburgh, PA
St. Louis Regional, St. Charles, MO
UTC New England Regional, Hartford, CT

So… is anyone going to organize an outing?

I also heard that the music for the movie is comming from a robotics favorite group… :wink:

A bit different trailer:

We hosted an unofficial team social at a bowling alley last year and were looking for ideas on what to do this year. I will certainly mention this. =-]

Excellent suggestion!
For it to work, the idea would have to go to the top man (Dean) to negotiate with the film studios to allow all the regional to show the movie. Since “Robots” will be a new release, the film will have to be tightly guarded and it probably won’t be on a simple DVD but cans and cans of film.

BUT it would make an EXCELLENT regional social! :slight_smile:

I think a simple traveling to movie theatres would be better however … maybe renting out theatres.

Ooooh, cans and cans of film are fun! Especially when you have to bench 7 20 minute reels into 4 40 minute reels, and the sproket holes are all mangled! 35mm projection is so much fun though :-D!

That movie looks awesome… thats where I’m gonna be UTC weekend.

So, 195 won’t be at UTC, but at the movie theater in Southington? :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, we have an update on this movie. Or the marketing of it anyways.

I was at the store (Walmart) today at lunch, and I bought a double pack of a DVD, with a Robots the movie DVD in it (The Sandlot was the other movie in the double pack, but there are others). I thought I had hit the jackpot, because the movie doesn’t come out till March 11th. Turns out, which I knew before I bought it, it is a 15 minute teaser DVD of the movie. I’ll have to watch it tonight, and see what cool stuff is in it.

edit: In my first post, the link is now wrong.

The new one for the movie’s site is:](

Ok… all I have to say now is wow! This is going to be a great movie.
If anyone wants to get together during UTC and go see this movie, let me know and I will see if I can find a movie theater close to the Meadows where we can go.

Also, there is Ice Age 2 - The Meltdown movie coming out as well, and The Sandlot 2 coming straight to DVD. All the extra stuff they had included on the DVD preview.

I am so going to see this movie the weekend it comes out. Which happens to be the weekend of UTC, so I hope others will decide to tag along…

im in for it! woohoo looks liek a great movie

I got a chance to see an advanced screening last night for this movie, and let me tell you - you won’t be disappointed! It is definitely one of the funniest movies I have EVER seen. As an animator, its amazing to see the Rube Goldberg type sequences as well as the huge amount of detail in the movie (objects that look like the would have been milled actually have the shiny rings…don’t know how else to describ it).


I am going to see it when it comes out. My spring break is next week:)

1257 is seeing it together for the Chesapeake Bay Regional. I’m so excited! :slight_smile:

Did anyone see Robots this weekend???

I didn’t get to. I had a blast with all my new and old FIRST friends this past weekend instead. So, that makes up for it. :cool:

Maybe next weekend, sometime. Maybe we can get a bunch of local FIRSTers to go to a matinee showing this Sunday after NJ Regional. Anyone up for a drive somewhere central on Sunday?

(We won’t twist Northern CTers arms to drive all the way back to the Watertown area again this upcoming weekend like we did this past weekend). :ahh:

I got to see it this weekend. It was with my brother, and not anyone in FIRST, though.

I got to see it in the IMAX theater, and it was great! I recommend it to more than just FIRST people.