From the Ritchie Family...THANK YOU!

As most of you know, my children (Taylor…age 11, and Ryan…age 8) and I were in a serious accident on April 8th. Hannah and Jenny (team 234) printed off the post of well wishes from the FIRST family and I have to say…it meant so much to us!

As my wonderful friend Ken Leung, has pointed out, keep things in perspective in life! I have had to learn this the hard way. I have had to watch Taylor go through two surgeries to repair her intestines and see her in so much pain on a daily basis. I have had two surgeries myself in the past two weeks. I have had to watch my son go through a lot of emotional pain. And, I have had to watch my husband, Scott (234), run from one hospital room to another to do what he can to take care of his family. I have learned that life is short and you cannot take anything for granted. You think nothing will ever happen to you…and within just seconds, it all changes.

For now, we are simply just trying to get through each day and continue to pray for healing. However, we know that in the long run all will be well and these injuries will heal. God has been good to us and we are so thankful.

The FIRST family is amazing and I cannot say thank you enough to all of you for your support, prayers, thoughts, well wishes, flowers, gifts, “get well Taylor” pins, etc. Wildstang…you guys probably wouldn’t know my daughter if you saw her walking down the street. Even though Taylor’s mom runs team 393 and her dad runs team 234…her favorite team has always been 111! :slight_smile: She loves your shirts! Dan Green was kind enough to send a team shirt home to Taylor via David Kelly. Taylor’s eyes truly lit up when David pulled that shirt out for her. She has it hanging in her hospital room! Little things like that have meant the world to all of us and it just goes to show you how many wonderful people there are in FIRST!

Thank you all so much for all you have done during this really difficult time in our lives. We appreciate it all so very much!! And to the parent crew/engineers of team 234 and 393…along with David Kelly and Sarah Everhart…thank you so much for all of your kindness and help!

I hope everyone is able to now get some sleep now that it’s all over for the year…and make sure you mark your calendars for IRI!! The Ritchie family will be there with walkers and wheelchairs…ready for another GREAT competition!! :slight_smile:


Libby I am glad to hear things are working out for you guys, I knew they would. Good luck on a speedy recovery, and I hope too see you guys real soon. IRI will be a blast, as always. You guys are still in my thoughts.

I think that’s both the most depresssing and the most uplifting thing I’ve read on CD to date.

It’s great to know that you’re all recovering, though. I’ve got no idea what our plans are yet, but I’d love to have 818 return to IRI this year simply for the sake of seeing you again.

Keep us updated, and keep bringing us good news. :slight_smile:

Oh Libby I am so thrilled to hear you all are doing better. I was waiting for an update from you all personally to see how you were. Thank God you’re all okay now. Be sure to keep us all posted on Taylor, yourself and Ryan! I think many of us want to know specifically what to keep in our prayers…

Thank you for posting, it really has lifted my spirits.

I’m so glad you and your family are recovering! I’ll be sure to pass on the word to my team. On behalf of the West Lafayette/ Lafayette community, get well soon and stay healthy!

We’re thinking of you.

Genia Gabrielov

Its GREAT to hear that you guys are doing better. It was a great thing that 234 handed out “Get Well Taylor” buttons. If we saw a drive team with out the buttons on we either gave them some that we had, or them to get some on. You guys were sorely missed at nationals. But look at it this way, we can make IRI like nationals for you guys! :smiley: :smiley: I hope you guys all heal up ok, take care!

Sincerely, Kyle Love


Get well soon and God bless from our teams to yours!

Ellery & the whole Xerox FIRST program (191 X-CATS, 1126 SparX, 1450 XQ Robotics)

I’ve got some GREAT news! Taylor was released from the hospital yesterday afternoon and is now back ‘home’ staying with all the family at her aunts house. She is doing very well as well as the rest of the family. There is still a long road to recovery for the family and they are going to need the continued support from everybody! Thank you for all that everybody has done for this awesome family. I know they greatly appreciated it and it means a lot to them!

That’s WONDERFUL to hear!! :smiley: Thanks for keeping us up to date!

GREAT news to hear, thanks for keeping us up to date David!

this just makes my day!! thanks for keeping the cd community updated!

Good to hear! The Ritchies are still in our prayers!

Awesome to hear!!! :slight_smile:

This is the best thing I’ve heard in an otherwise crappy day!! Thanks for the update, and I’m still praying!!

So fantastic to hear that things are looking up for your family Libby. You guys have gone through so much, I’m just waiting for the good stuff to shower down on you!

What wonderful news to hear! Thank you so much Dave for that great report. I was hoping to hear something soon.

To the Ritchie Family: You’re in my prayers. You’re doing so well, and your spirits seem to always be up. Keep it going, and stick together. That’s the only way to get through this. Taylor, I’m so thrilled to hear you’re doing well. Stay strong you guys!

I’m so glad things are working out! I knew they would, but just see the rest through. I <3 the Ritchie Family and I know my life has had a serious impact from them. You will continue to be in my thoughts.

This news is great to here that things are improving I am so happy for you Ritchie Family God bless. I also enjoyed meeting some of the students and mentors on 234 at UCF. Thank you for being so involved with FIRST all your hard work is greatly appreciated. Good luck with everything in the future.

God bless,
Drew Dis bury
The Tech Tigers Team# 1251

Thanks for the update Dave.
Please pass on our good wishes for more better days ahead.

I am so glad that you all are healing and feeling better. The great thing about FIRST was that I saw so many teams stepping up and taking the initiative to help: from giving team get well cards to having team fundraisers to help. While this was definitely a horrible series of events for you, it truly showed the gracious professionalism of FIRST. Even “gracious professionalism” is too weak a word for this effort. It was pure compassion. This compassion separates true heroes from the rest of society, and those who organized the multiple fundraisers, cards, and gifts were true heroes.

So to sum it up, I am still praying that the Ritchie family gets well, and I would also like to thank FIRST for making true heroes and role models of society.