Front Bulldozer Bumpers

Hi, team 3022 here, we’re a rookie team and we were wondering if there are any specific rules as to creating a small bulldozer in front of the bot to push the balls to the corners of the arena for the human players. Also, if there are specific rules, if its made out of bumper material and can be removed, is it considered part of the bumper itself, or is it part of the bot, because our bot has already met the maximum length and width it can be without the bumpers. Help us please :confused:

You can find the FRC rules for this year at . Specifically, “The Robot” portion of the manual will have very specific instructions for the location, shape, and size of bumpers.

Though at this point in the season, if you haven’t at least read the rules once, I think you may have bigger problems than just bumper design :ahh:

If you are asking if you can push the balls with your bumper, I think the answer is YES. There are very specific bumper rules and you will need to be careful on what you plan to do with them. Do a search of this forum and read what others are saying. You might want to log in to the FIRST Q&A section and read up on other post.

I am aware of the specific details as to how the bumpers are placed on the bot, but that is not what I’m asking for :frowning: . Im wondering if I were to place a protrusion in front of the bot in somewhat of a v shape in order to easily collect balls, would it be considered part of the bumper and whether there are rules as to how far they stick out or anything like that?

Of particular note in the rules, note the BUMPER PERIMETER definition, and that nothing may extends past the bumper perimeter, ever.

Then note the definition of BUMPER, and note the restrictions on what you may modify about a bumper – only the length and how they attach to the robot.

Then also note the game rule that says no matter what, the bumpers must be the only things that make contact with another team’s trailer, which can affect how wide an ‘open’ spot is.

If your bulldozer can fit within these and other rulebook design constraints, you shouldn’t have a problem.

The bumper rules are confusing, but still make perfect sense.

If your bulldozer is on the robot perimeter with padding, the padding can be considered a BUMPER and can be removed from the robot weigh-in. You must follow the instructions for constructing the BUMPER though

If it is behind the robot perimeter, then it is considered part of the robot. You will also have to accomodate 6" on each side for a BUMPER to protect the outer perimeter corners.

I hope this clears it up for you.

<R17> "Wedge” ROBOTS are not permitted. ROBOTS shall be designed so that interaction with opposing ROBOTS results in pushing rather than tipping or lifting. Neither offensive nor defensive wedges are allowed. All parts of a ROBOT between zero and seven inches from the ground (the top of the BUMPER ZONE) that are used to push against or interact with an opposing ROBOT must be within 10 degrees of vertical. If a mechanism or an appendage (e.g. a harvester for retrieving GAME PIECES) becomes a wedge that interferes with other ROBOTS, penalties, disabling, or disqualification can occur depending on the severity of the infraction.

This is one of the only rules, I know of, that would prevent any type of plow, but many teams have tried to utilize a U shape design and I think that by sinking the plow in an inch or two you’ll be allowed to have a plow like mechanism

That rule is referring to degrees form the horizontal, i.e. an incline. It sounds like the original question is about a vertically angled protrusion, i.e. a ‘corner’.

I wasn’t sure if they wanted to go both in horizontally and vertically I figured putting it out there wouldn’t hurt if it’s not the right orientation

The answer to your question is yes, you can have a v-shaped plow, but it must be behind your front bumpers, not in front of them. I say bumpers (plural) because putting a plow behind a single bumper would be illegal (because being v-shaped, the plow could not support the bumper its full length as required) and useless. Suppose the front of your robot is the long dimension for efficient herding. Then you would have a 6 inch bumper on the left, 26 inches of v-plow recessed into the robot in the center, and a 6 inch bumper on the right front.