Front Page News!!!!

So yeh, I pick up the morning newspaper this morning and what should I see, a really cool looking robot, I did a double take, it was still there! Nashua, team 151 made frontpage news of The Telegraph (big local publication). Their robot along with NorthEasterns, and others is on display in the Boston Musuem of Science! Nashua’s robot it the center peice to the exhibit, and is placed out in front, anyone who can get down there should go visit! If anyone would like to get together a large group of FIRSTers and visit together I’d be happy to help organize it! Yeh FIRST getting recognition, lets try to take this spotlight and use it to influence people to see the value of FIRST!

I went to their website and found the article. Here it is

In 1998, FIRST was a major part of the robotics exhibit at the Boston Museum of Science… and every week for the entire summer, a different robot/team was there doing demos and giving information. When I was on T126 we went there and it was a lot of fun and we got alot of people interested in FIRST and Lego League… as well, this year with the WPI team, we took the robot for display one night as part of a WPI Lecture Series at the MOS

They’ve always seemed to be a welcome supporter… i’m glad to see it continue

For those of you curious about what’s up (and haven’t read/seen the article), the Museum of Science is doing a display of “current technology” This is different in concept from what they did back in 98. Then it was a robot a week and it was devoted to FIRST. We asked if they had recalled that exhibit and all we got was a blank stare.

The exhibit isn’t a focus on FIRST, not exactly There are plenty of other robots on exhibit. But with the Northeastern and our robot present, (and soon the bridge and goals), we’ll be one of the larger exhibits. We have a bridge, goals, and balls from FIRST that will be set up as a part of the display in the next week or so (they hadn’t prepped the space yet).

For those in the local area who want to see about rotating robots in and out, I can try and steer you to our point of contact at the museum. But if you’re there, ask. That’s how this came about. (BTW, we did set up a touch screen display to go with the robot with info on the robot and FIRST. I think Northeastern did the same).