Frosted Poly Carbonate

Would Sanding one side of Poly Carbonate make a good frost affect we are thinking of doing this. Has anyone else done this before??

Yes. We used something like 180 grit on a DA sander and liked the results.

When back-lit with green LEDs it popped nicely.

We did this for our 2016 driver station as a cover for the computer. Worked pretty well, makes the poly carbonate have a frosted affect. You can also do it only on one side to get the frosted effect but keeping a surface flat and plain

Would it be a bad idea to do this on the sides of are robot as it will prevent being able to see the electronics

It depends. During inspection, your PDP breakers must be visible. And during a match, the diagnostic lights on your radio must also be visible. Depending on what you actually cover up and how easy it is to remove it could be okay.

It depends on a lot of things. I think it could look really cool depending on how it’s executed. Double-check the rules and decide based on your desired aesthetic.

I was thinking using velcro to make it fast and easy to remove and during inspection everything would be seen front the front of the robot

and the router is visible from the front as well

3847 does this. Creates the frosted effect you are looking for.

I would avoid covering your electronics, but that might be up to your inspector.

if you’ve seen the everybot this year we are covering the sides like 118 did but like stopping half way up the robot

we may just play it safe and leave it clear. as we wont have any back up at the competitions

If you have a sand blaster that also makes a really nice frosted glass look.

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