FRsky Taranis via USB as controller in competition

Has anyone used the FRsky Taranis controller as a USB HID device with the radio disabled in configuration as a drive controller, in a competition?

Our drive team wants to use one this year that way, but I’m concerned that it will be disallowed at competition because it has a transmitter in it, even if it’s disabled.

So if you’ve attempted the same, was it allowed or disallowed, and what did you have to show to demonstrate that it was not transmitting?

Double check R101, as that’s the rule governing what you’re talking about doing. The operative word in the blue box is “active”, as in active wireless, is banned.

If you disable the wireless and run wired only, you should be fine.

If you’re asked, you specifically explain what you did, and possibly demonstrate that it doesn’t work when not plugged in. That should be enough…

And make sure to have a backup plan, just in case.

See my thread here:

If you’re asking of the legality, you should be okay as long as all internal and external RF is disabled under model settings.

Thanks, folks. I appreciate it.