FSN Domain Ideas

So, I was talking to Jack earlier, and we were discussing domain name ideas. The ones we had so far:


Unfortunately, every permutation of fsn.*** was taken, as was fs.net, so the best “short name” choices were gone. Does anyone else have any other suggestions?




Just kidding about the last one…:smiley:

I’d say firstscouting.net seems the most logical since this is going to be the “FIRST Scouting Network.”

BTW, I’ve been following your progress throughout, and I just want to congratulate you guys on everything you have accomplished so far.

firstscouting.net and/or firstscouting.org. as far as the ‘rules’ say, org would be a better choice, as net is more reserved for ISPs and such. but for aesthetics, net would make more sense. but yeah, who follows the ‘rules’ anyway? there’s no need for a ‘short’ domain. if people are too lazy to type two words… well, they can use a bookmark. also, if they’re too lazy to type two words, they don’t deserve to visit the site.