[FSN]: FSN Needs A Logo!

Hey everyone that watches this forum,

FIRST Scouting Network needs a logo! Any size/shape/design works, we just need the help of the artists in our midsts to design us something fitting for our software line next year. All completed artwork will be put to a public vote, and the winning design will be featured on all software released for FSN for the next few years, credit given to the original artist.


  1. Nothing inappropriate
  2. No use of copyrighted material (i.e. FIRST Logo or any modification of it)
  3. Any material submitted is subject to any licenses we publish under, and the chosen logo cannot be revoked after the initial permission has been given by the author (Basically, after development begins, the logo designer cannot ask us to remove the logo from the software)


While I have no drawing skills, I recommend something with binoculars.

I made this pretty quickly. Sometimes I find / have some cool fonts that turn out to make a pretty decent looking logo if you’re interested in a simple design.

http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y17/Evilstanley/FSN1.gif or http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y17/Evilstanley/FSN2.gif

I’m not sure how you guys would want it, but any of that could easily be changed since it’s all just text.


I’ve always been partial to this one. It’s simple, to the point, readable and highly recognizable, in addition to looking good

I thought this thread looked familiar :wink:

There’s a very small chance I have the original files for that somewhere, though it’s obviously not very difficult to recreate.

I have to admit, I am partial to the old one, too. It kind of takes me back to how the old project was:

http://web.archive.org/web/20031026123737/http://www.firstscouting.org/ (it’s too bad that archive version is incomplete).

Maybe it’s not so much a logo, more of a poster/t-shirt thing, but anyway.

Watch out for using “FSN”. I know when I hear FSN I think Fox Sports net.
Their logo also uses a big FSN:

Here’s my throw at it.



It took all day and a few GIMP crashes but here it is.

Update to the classic…

use the old log with new font to use on black & white along with simpler needs (business heads, etc)



I’m really liking some of these logos guys!

Just to let everyone know, submissions close on Monday, June 26th, and a poll will be opened to choose the new logo then.


Uh oh!! Two more Michelle logos!




Updated, less glassish, can withstand the abouses of time more. Still not done, and that is a .gif, so it can get fuzzy in areas.


Why a lime? lol. Well, why not?

You have an apple logo for Apple Computers. I mean, why do they have an apple as their logo?

Why even choose a lemon when u can choose a lime!?!

It makes no sense, thats why I think it works. ^.^

this is just a bordom logo:


Here’s a simpler logo… with no limes *tear :frowning: lol


I was thinking of the boy scouts kind of badge… but more pimped out.

Submissions closed.