[FSN]: Interested in FIRST Scouting Network?

Hey all,

Two posts in one day for this subforum? Gotta be a record. I’ve decided that using a forum away from the CD subforum causes more headaches than its worth, and its a lot easier for people to view this subforum than register and check a completely seperate forum all the time.

FSN is looking for any and all interested people and teams who want to help with next year’s software. We’re looking for programmers, design artists, scouts, mentors, and even general users to test our software when we code it! If you’re interested, just reply to this thread or private message me (if you want to keep certain details like email and screenname private) with the following information:

Name: Required
E-mail: Required
Screenname (and sevice): Not required, but convenient to have for coders/designers
Position wanted: Mentor, Scout, Coder, Designer, or Tester (choose 1 or 2; designers and coders are automatically testers anyway)
Coding Skills and Level: Java, C, C#, C++, Visual Basic, HTML, PHP, CGI/PERL, CSS, etc.; Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Guru (just type in any applicable knowledge, “None” if you don’t have any)
Other Skills: Image Editing, Photography, Video Editing, Videography, etc.

I’ll contact all those interested with more information! Thanks!

Name: Tim Ginn
E-mail: [email protected]
Screenname (and service): xtimg/AIM
Position wanted: Mentor, Tester
Coding Skills and Level: Java (2 years), C (a couple of years), C++ (a couple of years), Visual Basic 6 (are we really using this at all? several years), (X)HTML (many years), PHP (~4 years), CSS (many years), etc.
Other Skills: I’ve been playing with automated testing stuff recently (Selenium and the like) and was involved in the old FSN

Edit: I should mention that I’ve e-mailed you (Adam) my CV, too (even though it wasn’t requested things like that can be useful).