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The FIRST Scouting Network Forums are now ready. The software used for the forums is phpBB2. To access the forums, visit:


Hey all…

So… ya wantta see what the FSN MySQL Db’s looking like?

Click here:


You can log in using:

User Name: guest
Password: guest

(make sure it’s all lowercase)

Here you will be able to see the current structure. Remember, the guest account only has select access. Therefore, if you try to do anything other than a select or browse, you’ll just get an error!

BUT… as of now, there really isn’t anything there. WHY?? Because I need some people to begin to make things… I know a few people from the web design forum have contacted me about mysql, and i’ll get them full access soon, but is there anyone else who knows mysql and can help?? - If so… PM me for a full account.



PS: You still can dump the db using the guest account :wink:


Got an idea for the FSN system?

Well… then please submit it using our custom made handy-dandy request tracker. (Thanks a ton to AJ Quick for creating it ;))

Here’s the link: http://request.firstscouting.org/

Note: you’ll need to register there or for the forums (http://forums.firstscouting.org) in order to submit a request.

Please, post requests there rather than here on CD. That way, we’ll have one giant list of requests to be able to look at, rather than to have to dig though 1000’s of posts :wink:



Throw up there some pics of your bot / another team’s bot.

If you’d like more info about the gallery contact apk


Much thanks to Timothy D. Ginn, FSN now actually has a opening page http://www.firstscouting.org

I’m sure he’ll be tweeking with it over the next few weeks and you may want to check out this thread for more info.