FSN Logos - Which One?

ok… here is a list of all the logos developed so far:

oneangrydwarf: 1

Jeff Waegelin: 2

GregTheGreat: 3

Stefan: 4

Clark Gilbert: 5

and some more…

M. Krass: 6
Same Logo as number 9 - Please use #9 instead

M. Krass: 7

Clark Gilbert: 8
Same Logo as number 5 - Please use #5 instead

M. Krass: 9

JosephM: 10

and more…

GregTheGreat: 11

KyleGilbert45: 12

RogerR: 13

M. Krass: 14

Hinkel Y.: 15


oneangrydwarf: 16

Lindsey: 17

Erin Rapacki: 18

Hey all…

Above are all the logos that were submitted in this thread. If you have any other ideas, feel free to continue to post them there.

However, what I am looking for here is to get these 15 narrowed down a bit.

If you could reply with your nomination of 2-3 that would be great.

In each post above, the format is in the following

Creator: #


Just use the #'s for your top pics.

Once again, there is no rush, I just want to narrow down these 15 so that once people like the choices, we can have a final vote.



I nominate 2, 12, and 14.

Errr… the stuff in your second post is nice, as do 2, 13, 16, and 17. Can’t… choose!

I’ll go for 2, 12, and 14

I like 2, 4, and 14.

I’ll go for 6, 12, and 13.

Also, I think it’d be really neat to combine 12 and 13–take the magnifying glass idea from Kyle Gilbert, and take the FIRST Scouting Network part from RogerR.


Perhaps we all have simliar tastes or its mere coincidence but I also like 2, 12, 14

I like:

5,6, and 12 are my picks.

Aaron Knight
Webmaster and Videographer
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12 and 14.

4 & 12

5 , 13 , 2 in that order. Would like to see the image under the magnifying glass slightly enlarged on #5. Great work everyone.

i would have to say 2, 4, 5, 12, 15 in no order, but those are my top 5.

~Mike D

13, 14… and are 9 and 6 at all different?

I like those three the best… the sleekness of the long silver one (chrome)… and the simplistic way of 14 and 9

I’m going to have to say 4 and 10… 4 because it looks neat, and 10 because it is simple

I’m also going to nominate 2, 5, and 12 in no particular order.