FTA needed for Michigan off-season event

Hi all, I chair the Michigan ROBO-CON Festival of Robotics & STEM Learning in Lapeer. Our fourth annual event is tentatively slated for July 22, 2017.

We have an FRC field again this year, but are in need of an FTA.

For those who haven’t attended, ROBO-CON isn’t a typical off-season competition. It’s a growing festival that’s free for attendees and so far, for participating FRC teams. Last year we had 1,000 people from across Michigan (and even from Mexico), most of whom had the opportunity to drive teams’ robots on the field in our ROBO Driving Academy (people get a ROBO driver’s license, learn about each field then drive the robot, working their way up to the big FRC field). We do a lot of fun hands-on STEM activities too. Twenty Michigan teams participated in exhibition matches and showed the public how to drive their robots too.

The point of ROBO-CON is to spread a love for robotics across Michigan, and get families interested in STEM learning over the summer. Our goal is to inspire them to go home and learn more STEM on their own, as well as get involved in robotics, or at least get a glimpse into why people love robotics so much. Last year we also held an educator roundtable featuring a panel of educators who are also robotics mentors.

If you know of any New Hampshire-trained FTAs who would be willing to volunteer for this event, would you please shoot me an e-mail at [email protected]? The FTA will receive lodging, a T-shirt, lunch, and admission to the Friday VIP party, as well as our gratitude!

This started out as an idea with one team and a handful of volunteers; we now have a media group with more than 20 newspapers on board and an event committee, and appreciate any help as this Michigan festival continues to grow!