[FTC]: 20 inch lift at our first Qualifier

The Y-Not Robots FTC Team 4224 competed at our first Qualifier of the Ring It Up! season last weekend. Here is a video of us lifting our alliance partner, Team 5192 the Robo-Hooters, on our highest lift of the day.


Uhm… I don’t think that lift counted. If that ramp has an incline It would have been thrown out for attempting to lift to early.

Thats what I see though

  • Andrew

They accidentily drove on the ramp a little early. However, 5192 did back completely off the platform and then waited until the end game to be lifted.

Have you seen this 27 inch lift? Not any more points, but faster and neat.

Added some full match videos from the Sapulpa Qualifier.

Our first match of the Ring It Up! Season:

Second match with our eventual Winning Alliance partner: