[FTC]: 2011 Edison Division

AND HERE. We shall start one for Edison! Discuss!


It’s always this division it seems that get’s most of the well known powerhouse teams. We’ll see what happens. The Edison division hasn’t won the championship since the tetrix induction has it? IT’S THE CURIE CURSE ALL OVER AGAIN.

As in well known teams i’ll just list off the ones I remember from the past two years,

32 Einstein’s Daughters
311 Fem-Bots
2818 The Original G-FORCE (I was on that team the past 2 years)
2843 Under the Son
2848 Techno Guards
2859 Team Tiki
2888 Oddly Charged particles
Those are the only ones I remember, that are in this devision but I can’t wait to meet all the teams :slight_smile:

The wonderful world of Youtube has convinced me of these two.
4220 Landroids
3415 Lancers
Those two teams are forces to be reckoned with.

Our team, MASH 4077 is looking for some good competition out in St. Louis. Just like every other rookie team trying to make it to the top. We are currently working on a scouting report for all the teams that are going to be there.

BTW- We are hosting an FTC social Wednesday night for all FIRST teams that are intrested. We already have about 100 guests signed up so if anoyone else would like to come please e-mail thomas@fogwell.com. Thanks!