[FTC]: 2011 Franklin Division

OOOOOOOOOKAY! So nobody is talking yet. AND since we have no access to scores. How do we go about beginning the scouting process.

I’m sure everyone has seen the list.

Couple of well knowns. Jr. Bomb Squad, the Wreckers. even so with this year’s game no one knows what to expect.

A lot of these teams don’t have websites. :frowning: Phoenixtrix and SD30 made the high score of 133, I believe.

yeah I think you’re right either it was them or the Lancers.

  1. Titan Robotics…My god that’s good stuff.
    There are match videos from the Oregon Championship. That’s a crazy good bot.

Nice. Their alliance partner there, 3531 Short Circuits has proved to be a challenge too. They creamed us last year.
I am more excited now.

Oh yeah I do remember them. Franklin lost Under the Son. D: and then Smoke and Mirrors didn’t qualify.

Atrificial Stupidity Looks pretty.

Well, when you guys burn out a motor I’m assuming your pretty much screwed for awhile or is that untrue?

This whole championship is going to come down to which robots are most consistent and reliable in scoring. Our team believes we have the perfect startegy but then again I’m sure everyone else does also. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m currently not allowed to post footage or anything of our robot but I can give specs.

We have 4WD 1:1 gear ratio a raised base design similar to those used in Breakaway in FRC. Of course the well known blue under-glow in Micro LED’s has been applied to this year’s robot as well.

Our Baton dispenser is a bucket with a roller bar in-front with zip-ties and a metal bracket to pull batons out attached to a Lego motor. The bucket has a trap door that can be opened in autonomous to allow the emptying of a whole dispenser without passing the 5 baton limit. This bucket has an encoder placed upon it to allow PID control to give it accurate position control for dispensing from dispensers.

We have an Accelerometer for balancing and Encoders to allow accurate autonomous modes.

This bucket then dumps back into holding plate where a continuous rotation servo is geared onto 3 Lego wheels with tygon tubing on them. The Lego wheels can rotate left or right to lead the batons onto heat bent PVC wings which articulate on top of servos.

We have a Goal Capture device fashioned out of lexan that comes out from underneath our robot to lift up the wheel of the goal and another arm to hold the goal directly behind the robot.

I think team 3531 has a similar goal capturing design.
Can’t wait to see your robot in person! (The heat bent PVC wings sounds awesome…)

Our website is uploaded with new videos!

Here’re the links to the new videos:

Driving Practice 4/22/2011

Less than a week till World Championship!

Haha, glad you like it John. Be sure to stop by our pit and check everything out, we’ve done a lot since that photo to make it prettier haha.

Well we don’t burn drive motors thanks to these. As for servos, we have yet to have an issue with them at either competition.

Funny story actually. We were presenting our robot at the Franklin Institute and let people drive our robot. Kids specifically. I believe they managed to burn out this one motor in the front about 4 times before another team let us replace the normal wire with a thermal one.

Never had another burn out. Haha so we bought 6 more! They really are a money saver campared to all of the motor replacements. (I think we had a total of 7 burnouts this year) = $220 :eek:


Thanks to all who have posted video and pictures of these great robots! John, why are you “not allowed” to?

cough. I am now:D

Here you go!