[FTC]: 2013-2014 Season Game Manual - Part I

Part I of the new season’s Game Manual is now released. Let the games begin… http://goo.gl/bUlud.

Interesting. FIRST seems to be moving further in the direction of establishing FTC as a mini-FRC suitable for training younger students who will eventually join FRC teams, rather than as a direct competitor to VEX as a low-cost alternative program.

Do you make that assertion based upon the allowable list of materials? That list was expanded in previous seasons and hasn’t changed from last year to this.{I stand corrected in that it added a few new items, springs…}

IMHO - it is more of allowing FTC teams some creative design flexibility in lue of restrictions to a single company’s product line.


Actually, the allowed materials did expand. I am excited about some of the new things that will be available to use this year - a few good changes were made.

Did anyone notice that wheels are now not considered COTS. This could be very interesting.
:wink: :wink:

Teams should also be excited to see what Tetrix and Matrix are adding to their systems. I hope to see a release of new items from both companies later this summer. I’m counting on CD to post a link once these companies make their new products announcements.:slight_smile:

Are you talking about the stuff they had on display at the Championship?

I see that parts.ftcrobots.com is finally back up and running. The only new things I see are the fat tires.

The site says that the 30% discount applies “through the end of 2013.” I wonder if they’re eliminating that discount?

I’m pretty excited we can use any gear or sprocket now, that opens up a whole world of stuff!

Exactly! Last year it was legal to have somebody make a gear or sprocket using wire EDM or water jet or something, but you couldn’t buy one off the shelf. That was somewhat nonsensical, so I think this was the right move.