[FTC]: 2015 - 16 Registration and Kits OPEN! Pictures of Prices!

The registration is up, and you can buy your kits! Registration for the year and the kits are paid all together. Pictures below show the prices of the kits for anyone interested!

Thanks Matt, great info, especially for us FTC Rookies :slight_smile:

I’m pretty happy with the pricing, considering I was hearing rumors of much more expensive kits.

No Problem!

I’m pretty happy with it too. I was expecting the larger kit to be a bit more expensive than it is. Granted the pricing of fully switching over is going to be a little bit more, as we need to buy a few more motor and servo controllers, as the big kit only comes with 2 motor controllers and 1 servo.

As for the Phone/Control System, we may be able to outsource it to Best Buy/CNet. The Phones there are 40 a piece, which means you only need the 2 phones, $80 and the $10 kit from FIRST (This all depends on what FIRST says, meaning if there is any difference from the phones they are selling and the other ones.) I don’t care for the phone protective cases as we are 3d printing brackets and making a brief-case driver station instead of caring around all the wires!

Thanks Matt!

The Tetric FTC Competition Set looks different from previous years’ kits. It’s a bit more expensive and presumably it doesn’t have the motor and servo controllers that previous years’ kits had? It’s tough to tell from the picture you posted exactly what’s in it.

In the image you posted, it looks like there’s a link to the Bill of Materials for the new kit under “Additional Information” on the right.

Can you or somebody else post the link to this new Bill of Materials so we can look through the new kit and see what the differences are?

EDIT: I found the link. Here it is for those who are interested.

There are definitely differences. No controllers. Only 4" wheels, etc. Need to go through the BOM to look into it in detail, but I’m surprised that it’s more expensive and doesn’t have controllers. I’m hoping it has a lot more channels and other parts compared to the previous kit.

EDIT #2: It looks like the new Kit is very similar to the old Competition Kit plus the old Resource Kit plus 2 sets of 4" omni wheels minus the 3" wheels minus the HiTechnic controllers plus some of the newer useful parts like the Inside C Connectors.

Thanks for the pictures, looks like some homework to do before registering. Does anyone have a price list for the individual modules yet? Imagine they’re going to be via Modern Robotics - no FTC discount?

Ditto on the phone, if anyone gets an FTC version and could post an ‘about this phone’ screen shot that’d be great, though I think there was a comment about ZTE only wanting to provide a commercial product? Looks like the market panned this phone, so it might have a short shelf life in the real world?!

What’s up with the “U.S. based teams only” part. No kits for Canada?

That’s weird. Do the ZTE phones not work outside of the United States? The two lower sets there do not show it, but don’t have the phones as well.

I would suggest not even buying those two sets from FIRST, as you can get them from amazon and Best buy for 40 dollars. That’s what my two teams ended up doing. $80 (2 phones) + $10 (FIRST Kit option) = $90, saving $178 a team.

We don’t need the protective cases, as we are 3d printing mounts to hold the phones in the robots and cases that we will carry the controllers in, onto the field. (We are releasing the CAD on Thingiverse when we finish making a few.)

MattRain- thanks for posting this information. While googling for info on the USB hub, I found this FTC PDF:


I can’t even fully register the team. In “Payment” box this message is displayed:
Please check back. The distribution model for FTC teams outside of the United States has not yet been finalized.