FTC 2020-2021 topic

We’re asking about the FTC 2020/2021 topic, shall we find some help !

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I hope so!

Can you explain your question? What specific pieces of information are you looking for?

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The season starts September 12th so not much information is currently available for the new game.

Game manual part 1 which deals with non-game specific rules is available here.

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If you need any programming help, feel free to reach out to us!

Thank you for offering to help.
We use mecanum wheels in our FTC robot drive system.
We measure distances with the Modern Robotics 45-2008 Range Sensor.
This year we want to work on how to measure precisely our travel distance.
In other words, we want to measure, confirm, and adjust the distance travelled by the Robot.
Any good strategies on how to precisely measure the Robots movements?

Odometry wheels are a good choice for measuring how far you go. There are several designs out there, or you can always design your own.

@NatsirtD thank you for your suggestion. In your experience, what are some of the good designs out there? Ideally, I like to find the odometry wheels on a pod but if recommend one it would be more important.

I have never built one myself, but in CAD I have used OpenOdometry. It’s a nice small footprint and uses a 38mm omni wheel paired with a rev through bore encoder.
If you use gobilda for a chassis, goRevdometry is designed specifically for that use.

@NatsirtD thank you! I was not aware of this collection. Although, I was considering the Rev bore encoder, I have a couple of E4T that I was thinking to use. This OpenOdometry site is excellent resource. Thank you!