[FTC]: 3033 Autonomous!

Hi, this is our robot that will compete Sunday at San Antonio. We have our autonomous mode working.


it says the video is private.

EDIT: I changed my mind, in the spirit of GP, and that there was an argument:

Someone said that a team might adapt their robot and prepare to oppose us, but in rebuttal, a team might adapt their robot and prepare to** ally **with us.

Plus, I just want to show the robot off :stuck_out_tongue:

In the video, we had a… well… “incomplete” field. At the tournament, we actually had pucks. The robot will be able to get pucks, and it has scored well, and taken us to Atlanta.

So yeah, don’t mind the tennis balls, we can use pucks aswell. I’d also like to thank Andrew Schutze, I heard from my teacher that after the competition, we got the field on loan to practice on. Competing with STEM (Allies and opposition) was also fun, and we liked the team with the green shirts (Project Pulse). I also heard them and Honk Honk Blarg Blarg are heading to atlanta aswell!

cool auto mode


It’s gone again :(. since we’re past worlds can’t you bring it back? :confused:

Alright, ive put it back up. At Atlanta, it kept screwing up since we never tested out with the FMS.