[FTC]: 3D printable Samantha Bracket from AndyMark

Hi All,

I just stumbled across the link below, which has a freely downloadable STL file for 3D printing a Samantha bracket, complete with standoffs to support the module and its power and USB wires. Nice, and free! Thanks AndyMark!


You can thank team 4251 for this. This is what they have been using for a while and they made a 3D printable version of it for other teams to use!

Yes, I found out from AndyMark after my post that this was the work of an intern from FTC4251. So thanks to FTC4251! I thought it looked somewhat similar to their previous Samantha mount at the link below:

BTW, it isn’t obvious at first glance from the AndyMark page, but the holes in the 3D printable bracket are spaced to match the Tetrix channel hole spacing.

Finally, one of the schools I work with only has a 3D printer with a 5 inch bed, so this 5 inch bracket is a little tight for that printer (especially with the traditional skirt around the part). I worked up a version that fits in a 4.6 inch square by rotating the original 45 degrees and slicing off the top corners of the original part. If anybody is in a similar situation, they can download this slightly smaller version of the bracket as an STL file at this link. The original is still better if your printer is able to print 5 inch parts.

Which printer are you using?

I think that one school uses an Afinia printer and they’ve added some perf board to make the prints easier to pry up after printing which slightly shrinks their effective print area.

FYI, I added the modified, 4.6" version of the bracket to Thingiverse here:

And I whipped up a mini-version inspired by the original bracket that ONLY has the standoff support. This is tiny and can be printed on even small printers. It doesn’t provide full support for the entire Samantha though, just the cables. It’s available at the following link:

BTW, FTC4251, another useful bracket would be one that simply and strongly connects the NXT brick to the newly allowed USB Surge Protector (shown on page 17 of the new FTC Robot Wiring Guide) with room for the small USB wire connecting them. Any chance you guys might want to design one of those? :slight_smile:

Both brackets do the job. Just remember that once you put the USB extension into the bracket, it’s in there solid. If you use the Instructables version, use a gear hub or appropriate spacer to keep the risk of bouncing, which could break the USB port in the Sam. If you use the AM Printable one, make one for every module so you can swap it easier. Also helps to loan one to teams in need.

The Surge Protector in use will require a USB adaptor to go between the Surge Protector and the Extension. Wrapping all of this in some form of wire shielding is advised along with keeping cables short and being mindful of wire routing in your robot.

Good luck.