[FTC]: 3d printed Phone Mount - Moto G4 Play

I recently modeled this 3d printed phone mount in Solidworks for our FTC team. Let me know how it works and how I should improve it.


I really like this. As an FRC guy (hey nick :D) my self I don’t have much use for it. But I am a big fan of how you are having it screw on to the metal that all FTC robots I have ever seen use. So, really good job!

  • I like the look of it. But if you round outside corners it will take it to the next level. It will make it look more finished and inherently more “legit”. I did this for my Radio Power Retention Clip and if I hadn’t it would look really sketchy. (CAD puns are fun)
  • You should fillet inside corners too. This will make it look a little better but the real benefit here is strength. I don’t claim to know the en-guh-neering behind it, but filleted inside corners are a lot stronger that 90 degree ones.
  • If possible, the overhang on the right hand side that just sticks out should have some form of support on the end. Even if its really small it would be better than none.

Nice work :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input! I would like to add the inside rounds, however I don’t know what the radius is for these on the Moto G4 Play. If anyone can tell me, I’d love to know!

Here’s a 3D printable case for the Moto G4. You can probably pull the curve radii of of this.

If not, I would make a best guess. Too little inside fillet is better than none. And the rounds on the outside can just be made to look pretty.