FTC 8-Wheel Mecanum Drive - NX PowerPlay

REV Robotics released some new 75mm mecanum wheels near the beginning of the FTC season (probably known among FRC kids as “intake wheels”) and I’ve wanted to make a really solid drivetrain with them since they came out. However, a trillion other non-robotics things ended up on my list of things to do, so it got pushed off… until now.

A powertrain exclusively using belts was chosen because of efficiency… nah, jk. It was chosen because belts are silent, so the #AlmostAllBlackEverything can sound as cool as it looks. Two goBILDA low channels connect the drive pods and provide some mounting options, but let’s be real - if you pull up to competition with this drivetrain, everyone else will forfeit as soon as they see it move, making any sort of mounting unnecessary. Each drive pod uses a WCD-inspired method to mount the wheels - instead of box tube, two plates sandwich a series of short standoffs. There is literally no reason for this design decision other than flexing on others that you have a CNC.

The widebody kit pre-installed underneath each pair of motors provides space for a freewheel odometry system, but no odometer design is provided - just copy Gluten Free! There is enough space inside each enclosure to fit both a forward and strafe sensor. Placing the motors and odometers on the outer edges of the chassis makes it completely open on the inside, giving you more space on the inside to endlessly brag about.

Let me state the obvious: this drivetrain is impractical, and this writeup is a huge meme. However, it was an interesting design exercise to package 8 mecanum wheels and custom belt reductions into the tight FTC sizing cube. I’d give PowerPlay a 2/10 overall review - if money didn’t exist, I’d consider throwing it together and seeing what it can do. But money is an object, so I’ll be completely honest - I only did this so I could flex my rendering capabilities. Merry Christmas!

Edit: Here’s my christmas present for y’all - the CAD! Access it here and feel free to export it as a STEP.


Another great drivetrain from NX Labs! When will the cad release? :slight_smile:

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Aww, thanks! There’s no reason it can’t/shouldn’t be public - the link can now be found at the bottom of the original post.


What program did you render this with

What is the advantage of using 8 mecanums vs 4 mecanums? More traction?

thank you very much


I approve of the latest iteration of 8 wheel mecanum designs in FTC. May they never see the field…

hey how do you mount a pully to the pinion gear output of a neverest without a gearbox
(ie this motor)

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