[FTC]: Alliance Station Size

Has anyone found the dimensions for the Alliance Stations anywhere in the manuals or other documents?

I would like to determine the overall width of the field layout as compared with last year’s diagonal orientation with the Drivers Stations located on adjacent sides. My sense is this year’s field will require significantly more linear space as it faces the audience. Some smaller venues should start looking at this now.

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In past years, the station size has been 12 inches from the wall, and 42 inches wide. Now how long, its changed from year to year. By the drawings, it looks to be 10 feet long. They have not given a set number though.

Meaning a min. span of 21 ft.

I’ve looked too. The best I can guess is 3 feet x 10 feet centered on the side of the field and set back 1 foot. This is in part based on previous years Alliance Station sizes and locations and in part based on the only overhead view I could find on page 19 of the Field Assembly and Setup Guide. The view on page 18 supports a 42" deep area.

AndyMark has CAD for the full field out on their web page. Maybe there are more clues there.

Sounds like reasonable assumptions. The answer to my question though is I’m not missing it, it is not officially specified and we’re going to have to ask the official Q&A or wait for a manual update.

The AndyMark STEP file is only of the tiles and tape inside the field. No documented record of the Alliance Stations.

Since there is a penalty for stepping outside of the Station, we’ll have to have an official size soon. I’ll work on the width of the fields for last year and see what type of increase we are looking at based on the assumption the Stations are the same as last year, just located at opposite sides.

I know several venues were tight for space including ours. This may drastically change plans to host or organize qualifiers if it is different enough.

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Look at the Full_Field_V5.3_Full_Detail.STEP file. It shows the Alliance Stations. I only have a free STEP viewer and it doesn’t seem to have a measurement tool. With my calibrated eyeball, it appears to be set back ~.5 tiles and be ~1.75 tiles deep. This would support the traditional setback of 12" and depth of 42"

That amounts to about 21 feet across. Add in a little more space for the FTA to get around the field. Should be close enough for you to gage space requirements for your qualifier.

Good Luck!