FTC and FRC Similar Games?

Over the last couple years, I’ve been noticing that there is a common thread between the FRC game and the FTC game. This is mostly a last 2 years type of thing, and the last two years, the FTC game represents one major aspect of the FRC game.
For example, last year FTC robots had to climb/traverse a “mountain” and FRC bots had to climb/traverse “defenses”
This year, both are cycling quantities of wiffle balls through/into a relatively tall, large high goal.
Does anyone else see patterns here or am I just going insane?:ahh:

Humans are great at spotting patterns that don’t really exist. I know that the two GDCs are composed of separate people, and my understanding is that the two GDCs don’t intentionally design similar games, but I’ve never heard that from the horse’s mouth.

I think I might be beating a dead horse here. :deadhorse:
I haven’t heard anything about discussion between the different GDC’s either. Maybe next year, if it continues to be similar, we might have a pattern.

I’m with you on this one. The game was similar to FTC’s VV.

When I first saw the kick-off animation, I was like:

“huh, didn’t we just get done building a FTC bot like that?”

Yes, you are definitely going insane.

Robby man you’re loosing it

I think that the FTC comparison is fairly invalid because most FTC games are wiffle balls or something very similar. Here’s what I could gather from memory and about 5 minutes of research:

2005 Halfpipe Hustle: ???
2006 Hangin Around: Something in between wiffle balls and tennis balls
2007-08 Quad Quandary: PVC Ring
2009-10 Hot Shot: Wiffle Balls
2010-11 Get Over It: PVC Pipe
2011-12 Bowled Over: Various ball sizes
2012-13 Ring It up: PVC Ring
2013-14 Block Party: Wiffle Ball-sized blocks
2014-15 Cascade Effect: Wiffle balls
2015-16 Res-Q: Wiffle Balls
2016-17 Velocity Vortex: Wiffle and Yoga Balls

Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong about any game

2015 FRC was Recycle Rush
2015 FLL was Trash Trek

Honestly, 2015 FRC was simply Trash. Wasn’t there too watch but have seen gameplay and it’s extremely boring. Has anyone ever said anything good about Recycle Rush?

There would have been the harpoons…

  • The pits were more relaxed than any other year.
  • I saw more robots right alliance partners in 2015 than the other years combined.
  • Mecanums made it to Einstein.
  • The game piece castles were awesome.
  • No bumper rules.

The ranking system was about the best I can remember in my years of involvement.

And Harpoons.

Recycle Rush was honestly my favorite FRC game. Call me crazy, I guess?

Could be worse: My favorite is LogoMotion

Coule be even worse: My favorite is Lunacy.

The best part about Recycle Rush was all of the totes. It has been a wonderful organization tool for my team since… :smiley:

However, the game itself was bleeding boring to watch.