[FTC]: Anyone else having leakage in their FTC batteries?

When I charged my batteries for the first time, I noticed some dark staining around the ends on a couple of them. Not much but still there.

When a neighbouring team came to meet with us, I noticed even bigger stains on their battery after it’s first charge.

You can see the stains because there is that red paper on the battery ends.

This doesn’t seem normal or safe. Anyoone else see these marks.

Should we only be using the “low” setting on the charger?
Technical details are pretty sparce on these new sets.


My team won’t be using the batteries until October, but during the inspection of the kit I noticed that the battery was already leaking. I was going to post and see if anyone else was having this same problem and whether it was safe. Thanks for beating me to it :slight_smile:

I’ll check at today’s meeting. We haven’t charged them at all either since the students are in the strategy/design phase.

I charged them on the .8 Amp setting just to be safe, and I didn’t get anything. I’m not going to try the 1.6 Amp setting now.

Our battery is fine. The charger has a broken switch, so I don’t know what voltage I’m charging at.

Jon T
Coach, Twisted Bots FTC 177

umm i have just charged mine today. i charged them on the 1.6Amp setting and they seemed fine. when i opend the packaging, the batteries where fine. you should give them a call and see how they respond. but yea thats my “experince”.

All of our batteries are fine (3 kits)