[FTC]: Asdst Tetrix Help

I just received my kits today, and it’s like Christmas here. One question - I haven’t seen any instructions about the Tetrix battery packs. Is there an overcharge protection (doubtfully), and what is the charging time? Did I miss something in the manual? Thanks in advance!

Just got a call back from LEGO education on this. In case anyone else needs to know…on the fast charge the initial charge is 1.5 hours and all others are 1 hour. On the trickle charge, they recommend 4 hours.


Would it be safe to leave the batteries charging over night?

Nice on receiving the kit, ours still hasn’t shipped, i don’t think it has at least, I will probably email someone at the end of this week if I don’t get an email shipping conversation. But yeah, we’ve been brainstorming for about a month and now we’re kind of impatient.