[FTC]: Auto Mode Sampler.


Since competing in MD, we’ve been creating auto modes for our robot.
We’ll be playing in Ohio this weekend, and hope to try them out.

We love the new IR seeker. You can see how we use it in the attached video. In addition to using it in Auto, our driver has an “Auto Target” button to steer the robot in Teleop as well.

When we turn towards the goal, the fast turn is pre-programmed, the slow turn is under IR seeker control.

Nice, We do the same thing though our shooter doesn’t move the goal. The autonomous button programming is really nice I worked with it alot though the targeting is to slow nothing beats good ol’ human power xD. Hope to see you guys at nationals.

John Fogarty

9 automodes is about what we have, though the operator only has to select between 4 options. A light sensor does the rest, so if you’ve got one of those or a sonar sensor lying around then it may help prevent operator error when selecting the modes.

What we haven’t figured out yet is how to get all 15 balls from a chute in auto; 2-3 always seem to slip by … silly wiffle balls :rolleyes:.