[FTC]: Battery Charger

Hey guys were a new FTC team this year (I’m involved in FRC and FTC), we’re currently wondering if the battery should be charged on the 1 amp setting or 2 amp setting?

I would charge it on the lower setting. We found out that it works better last year.


Last year, we found our batteries to get very hot, and then not work very well on the high setting.

do you think this was from overcharging, or did it still occur when the battery indicator light was red.

Basically the battery did not stop charging.

Ok so the battery has no automatic shut-off were it will quit charging once it’s full, instead if not watched you risk over charging the battery, and possibly damaging it or others?

I am a mentor for my FTC team, and we are having a problem with our charger. We connect the battery to the battery charger, then when the charger is plugged into the wall, the light on the charger blinks red green red green, then the light turns off. It does not appear to be charging after this time. Has anyone else experienced this before?

Usually means the charger has gone bad.