Ftc Battery dimensions, weight and ampere.

Hello Chiefdelphi!

Our team will get the Ftc kit only in two weeks from today so we have to know what are the dimensions of the battery, what is the weight and what is Ampere (Si) of the Ftc Battery!

Thanks a lot!

MisCar 1574:)

12V@3 amps
and it’s 4.5" long X 1.5" wide X 1.75" tall

The battery will produce quite a bit more than 3 amps. The capacity rating is 3 amp hours. There is a 20 amp fuse on the wire connector that is part of the battery.


Anyone care to guess whether the entire wiring harness including that fuse and holder are required to be on the minibot? With the emphasis on weight being what it is certain to become, saving an ounce here and there could mean all the d2x/dt2 you need to win. <R92> makes no mention of fuse or wiring harness, but it does mention the stock number explicitly. Q&A time I suppose.

I’d be shocked if they’d let us run the battery without the fuse/connector assembly attached. And it’s $50 plus shipping to replace the battery assembly if you cut it off…just saying…