FTC Battery Voltage Fluctuating

We recently got brand-new batteries for our FTC robot about finding out that is has been fluctuating while driving on the field. On the app, it would tell us that the voltage would drop from 12 - 8 volts. We have recently replaced our control hub and updated all of our hardware, and we still have the same issue. The voltage seems to go down mainly when where driving and the battery eventually gives way after 5 minutes. Does anyone know what might be causing this issue?

Does the voltage go back up when you stop?

Have you checked for loose wire strands (short circuits)?

Yes, the voltage does go back up when the robot stops and as far as we can tell, we don’t have any loose wires.

In FRC, that kind of voltage drop used to be pretty normal. Might still be but I haven’t heard it discussed lately.

Sounds like you just have a lot of power draw.

How are you charging the battery? 12v isn’t is maximum voltage, It is its nominal voltage, and be careful with droping it below 9v as it can permanently damage the battery 12V Slim Battery - REV Robotics give a look on the best pratices section

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As a member of a team that’s won safety award for 4 years in a row now, I highly recommend you all be careful! I have no expertise in batteries themselves, but I’m fairly certain they aren’t regular numbers :smile:. Our (FRC) team gets around with ~12V most of the time.

What sorts of devices do you have connected to the battery?

That’s an excessive drop, even for a four-motor drivetrain. It suggests a heavy mechanical load on at least one motor.

I’ll suggest that you drive for a few minutes, and then check, by hand, each of your drivetrain motors for heat. My bet would be that one is much hotter than the others. That drive linkage will be the place to start.

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