[FTC]: Better charger for Tetrix batteries?

Can anybody recommend a decent multi-bank battery tender for 12V Tetrix batteries?

I’m thinking of something along these lines:

That one is 1.25A, while the kit chargers have 0.9 Amp and 1.8 Amp settings.

Is anybody knowledgeable enough to tell me if this charger would make good sense for Tetrix batteries? Or if there is something out there that’s a better deal?

That actually looks really cool. I didn’t know something like that existed.
Based off of the numbers I’m reading off of that website you should be more than okay using that charger.

I know back in 2010-2012 we used a non-kit charger for our batteries that charged our batteries faster…and also improved battery life over time because the charger wouldn’t charge the battery until it had drained the battery completely dry.