[FTC]: CAD Question

I’m trying to set up a database of CAD parts for my team online, however there are new parts at our disposal this year that we might consider using. For instance the 4 inch omni wheels, continuous rotation servo, and tread parts. Does anyone know where these would be at? I know they are to be released this month, I just don’t know when exactly.

I was just wondering if anyone had any CAD of them.


I would keep an eye on the Main Kit of Parts Library ( http://www.catalogds.com/db/service?domain=first&command=locate&category=FTC_KOP ) another place to look for more FTC CAD parts might be 3D Content Central ( http://www.3dcontentcentral.com/Search.aspx?arg=FTC )

I guess i’ll just have to wait, I have used them before, just trying to get the database set up for our teams Cad library.

OK, I’d heard about tread’s but not seen anything…
I was just at the FTC parts store… Where are you seeing 4" Omni’s and Treads that can be purchased?

New parts will be released this season.
-4" Omni
-Tank Tread/conveyor kit
-Continuous Rotation Servo
-Thermal protection DC motor Lead
These will all be released in the near future. We will also have the CAD files available for them around the release. Please watch for email blasts from FIRST for the release of new parts.


Thanks for the information. Now to pester you a little. I know you said soon, any idea how soon? Due to our short build season this year (we would really like to have our bot done 8 weeks from now so we have a couple weeks to tweak and practice) we would like to know if we can count on having any of these for our bot.

Motor leads would be an easy retrofit, tank treads, not so much. Can any information be provided showing approximate size, mounting methods, etc? :slight_smile:

Thanks again,

I concur.

We’re prototyping now, which means I’m already placing part orders based on promising designs. Once we get somewhat down that road, I won’t be able to change direction even if the new items are great.

I know schedules are tough, but releasing new parts after the build season has started only encourages teams to procrastinate… and that’s not what we want to do.

Having access to accurate part details, and a guarenteed delivery lets teams make an informed decision… go now, or wait.


Here’s hoping that the 4" omni’s really are 4" (not like the 3" ones :slight_smile:

I don’t have anything to add to the pending release news but I did see a few prototypes back in June at the FTC AP conference @ FIRST HQ. I think all will be pleased with the continued development of the Tetrix product line.

Tank tread / conveyor system looked well engineered and like it could be very adaptable to a variety of uses. The continuous rotation servo adds a motion option that fills the small motor size and power needs that compliment the Lego motors.:cool:

If you have ideas as to what can be added to the Tetrix product line for next season, send them to Tony now. Pitsco / Tetrix is trying to be responsive to the user base and after showing the FTC folks the prototypes in June, they asked what else they should be thinking about developing.

Are there structural elements that you think are needed? I know that from day one, I have really liked the single and double servo mounting brackets.


These will be useful.

Here are some suggestions based on what teams I have worked with would like to see:

-bevel gears
-16mm x 32mm plates (with tetrix hole pattern)
-28mm (and/or 32mm) “L” brackets (32mm C-channel minus one side)
(we use these last two [we make them from the larger parts] to build primary structure by connecting C-channels to each other–28mm will go inside the openings of the C-channels)
-28mm stand-offs (we would use these to reinforce C-channels by “closing the box”) (32mm would be nice too)

I’d add:

Worm gears
Universal joints
Ruggedized DC motors
Hinge w/Tetrix bolt pattern

Also, a part that my team found very useful is the omni wheel connector hub. We use them to reinforce/space bushings where they pass through the Tetrix channel and it would be nice to be able to buy them as a stand alone piece.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say along with all of the above. I think the addition of something I think could be nice. What about the addition of some “heavy pneumatics” Not lego with the restricted stroke, but something like an SMC piston with very small bores and a small air accumulation system. It was just one of my crazy thoughts

Also, what about a gear that fits inside the channel?

P.S. Homemade FTC bevel gears are not fun to make…