[FTC]: Cannot use Legacy (EV3) Sensors

Hello! I have been playing around with the software and sensor setup and was not able get legacy sensors to work!

I defined legacy touch sensor as TouchSensor and the phone was able to find the sensor, but it would always return true in isPressed() function. It would always return false if I unplug the sensor.

Same story with the ultrasonic sensor… Values for distance fluctuate from 0 to 255 and only at times show right values.

I almost gave up on trying to get this sensors to work… If I am doing something wrong, please let me know!


You are correct, that EV3 sensors won’t work with the Android system, only the older NXT sensors work. The EV3 sensors use a different communications protocol that the Legacy module doesn’t support. Since FTC was never allowed to use the EV3 anyway they didn’t include that protocol. So, to sum it up:

***The new Android system only supports NXT sensors! Sorry!***:frowning: