[FTC]: Caution - Tetrix Motors burn out on Stall

In case you haven’t found out the hard way, stalling a Tetrix motor for even 2 seconds will burn it out.

Be CAREFUL even if you are only running it at 25% power. IF YOU HAVE PID control enabled (RobotC - PID box checked), the PID system will detect a stall and boost the power up to 100%. At which point after 2 seconds, you have a fridge magnet/paper weight instead of a motor.

I ended up making the rule for the team that we will NOT use the built in PID control for the robot. The danger of burning out a motor is just too great. (after burning out two motors, I had no choice)

A hung FMS cost us two motors at a tournament. Combined with three(!) motors that have snapped-off terminals and another where the bushing came loose on a motor, we’re into six replacements so far. They look rugged, but they are pretty fragile.

This is VERY interesting. We use LabView and have had no problems with the 12V motors. However, at the Delaware Tournament we could have given at least 10 motors away to teams that had burnt them up during the competition. I could figure out no reason why it was happenning.

We have burned out two motors like this. The 3rd one is on the way.