[FTC]: Center goal measured from bottom of tube or playing field?

I was wondering if the height of the balls when scored in the center goal during end game is measured from the bottom of tube or from the bottom of the playing field. Would the max points then be 720 pts ( 6 pts per cm x 120 cm) or 180 pts ( 6 pts per cm x 30 cm) because the center goal is already at a preset height of 90 cm?

The consensus guess is that the latter of your two cases is true (180 points). We’ll find out the official answer when the Game Forum opens soon.

BTW, if possible, it’s best to ask a question in one thread rather than to ask it in multiple places. :slight_smile:

Ok thank you for your reply.

My team and I just had a hardcore brainstorm session and after reading the rules thoroughly, came to the conclusion that points scored in the center tube is only counted from the bottom of the tube to the upper most ball within that tube.

The game manual under the glossary section states:

Ball Height – The measurement from the bottom of the Ball Tube to the top of the uppermost Ball in the Ball Tube, i.e.
the height of the stack of Balls in the Ball Tube. This is used when calculating the Score for a Goal.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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From the game manual part 2 page 7:

Balls Scored In (from floor) Center Goal 6 points/cm

Definitely confuses me…

Yep, it’s confusing. See this thread to read about other folks discussing their confusion.

1.4.4 defines 6 points per cm of Ball Height and Ball Height is defined as from the bottom of the tube.

But it definitely needs clarification on the Q&A forum.

Perhaps the best argument for why folks think it’s not actually measured from the floor is that if it were, then a single cm in the Center Goal would be worth 91*6 = 546 points which is worth more than the maximum points of all of the rolling goals combined. If this were the case, then essentially an alliance with a single ball in the center goal would defeat an alliance with no ball in the center goal almost no matter what the other alliance did.

I’m hoping that the game committee didn’t really intend for the game to be that unbalanced, but we won’t know for sure until the Q&A forum opens.