[FTC]: Championships Video

Looks like the field on the feed this morning is having a case of Saggy Ramp Disease.

Oops… looks like a battery pack just cooked off on-field. We lost one like this earlier this year, too.

The competition so far looks like our regional. Nothing surprising yet.

Im watching the last two matches after school (I’m pretty far west) but mabey I can catch some of the eliminations toworrow during a spare or something.

I watched off and on today. I was suprised by the number of dead robots on the fields and was wondering if it’s control issues, battery / power problems or programming failues?

199 has a cool arm. Nice.
I missed their team number, but the robot with a conveyor belt? Oh my. How did they build that?

The conveyor belt was from Team #2908 - Raising Corn to the Power of 3. A team from TN. The arm was built with lots (and I mean lots) of legal LEGO parts from 9797 kits from the kids’ FLL days. And the kids were great to talk and work with. See other posts in here about them - they competed at the TN and GA tournaments.

Saggy ramps and saggy field walls - a real pity since our design required the field walls to be rigid in order to get pucks out of the racks properly. Oh well.

There were a surprising amount of dead robots on the field - most of which were due to either lost connection or the motor controllers locking up, probably. Lots of matches in both divisions were decided by bluetooth connections, not by actual robot performance.

Hi All,

It seems that many of you are talking about the videos of the tournament. Can anybody tell me where they are? It would be much appreciated.