[FTC]: Climbers in Autonomous

Hi, I was wondering if we get the climbers in autonomous will we get the points again in tele-op?

The two robot loaded climbers, if scored in the beacon bin during autonomous, will be totaled for 20 points at BOTH the end of autonomous period, and another 20 points at the end of match, for a total of 40 points of scoring.

-Dick Ledford

Seconding what Mr. RRL said, and adding…

… for our team’s first tournament, we decided, last-minute, to not try dropping climbers in Autonomous. Our “dumping” wasn’t as reliable as we hoped, so we figured we had more likelihood of successfully scoring in driver-control / tele-op mode.

Unless you have a good mechanism to scoop-and-drop climbers that are the floor, you don’t want to blow your one chance to score climbers. To quote another mentor: “Zero times double-points is still zero.”

Other factors to consider are 1) whether alliance partner robots will also try the same achievement-- keep in mind there’s only a half-minute total for both robots to position and drop successfully and 2) whether the robot and program can endure debris, alliance partners, or opponents veering you off-course

I saw that last example happen once… both robots delayed Autonomous movement to avoid penalty, and opposing robot legally crossed into opposite alliance’s zone and bumped a robot off-course; timing was perfect. The affected robot tipped its climbers harmlessly onto the field. An event not likely to happen, but nonetheless a possibility, and a strategy some teams could use to advantage.