[FTC]: Coding Quandry with Blocks

our team is younger and more inexperienced this year…mostly 9th graders with minimum exposure to robotics. We’ve run into a quandry. We’ve built a Rev robotics lift mechanism that works well with two servos to operate “paddles” to grab coupled to a Rev Robotics cascading lift system powered by servo as well.

We’ve run into a quandary in that our newbie programmers do not know how to make two servos operate in opposite directions (left and right) both out and in with one button actuation. I’m a mechanical coach and phone (we use Blocks) programming is not me. Any help or code you might have already done that works would be appreciated. We’re through with the build but the coding issue is killing us.

Thanks in advance
Steve Miller
Team 10756 Purple Vipers JV

I have not used blocks for my teams; however, I have helped a few others, so take my advice with a grain of salt. As I remember it you have a block that looks like:

Set <servo name>.<Direction> to {connector thing} Direction <REVERSE>

once you do that she/he can set the servos to the same value and they will move in opposite directions.

The alternative and when setting the servos, just negate the value for one of them:

Set <servo name>.<Position> to {connector thing} <Negation operator from Math> {connector thing} <value>

I get the appeal of visual languages, but it makes helping people online so much harder :eek:

Thanks! This is my first, firsthand experience with blocks. We use Labview for FRC. My team does all the programming. I just teach mechanics, tools, design process and handle the logistics. I am lost with this stuff.:eek: