FTC Colour/Range Sensor Issue

Hi , I am on FTC Team 16183, Club Sandwich and we have encountered an issue using a colour/range sensor V3 (official name: colour sensor V3) and trying to make it run. We are coding in Java on Android studio. We have tried using the example code, printing out values, and switching out the sensor entirely and we are still not getting any correct values. We have been getting only static values for the range sensor. We are wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue and/or have solved it yet.

When you mention static values can you give an example of what data you are seeing? What are you trying to detect and at what range? Note that the color sensor v3 is only really designed for very close range measurement.

Another thing to try is to use the REV Hub Interface and see if you get any results that are different from that. (Just make sure you are on version 1.2 or above).

Is it possible you could post the code you are using so we could see what you currently have written? This would help us understand how you are using the sensor.

Thank you all for getting back. We have fortunately solved the issue. We did not realize that the hubs needed to be updated, and that by not doing this would drastically effect our code and outputs. We have since updated everything, and it is all working fine now. Thanks again!