[FTC]: Come to the San Diego FTC Scrimmage!

Our team is hosting a scrimmage at our school on October 19th from 8 am to 4 pm. If you are an FTC team in or around the San Diego area then you should come to this. There are going to be many teams there, and if you need help with your robot then come here and we will help. Basically the scrimmage is going to be a mini-tournament, we will have a pit area, technical and software inspections, and matches. I do not know for sure whether we are going to have awards or judging, but there is going to be at least one judge for the San Diego FTC championships there. This is a free event, and it would be very helpful for any team to go to it. If you are interested then post below this, or PM me.

                                              FTC Team 4112

Sounds great. PLEASE post some video too! (or lots of it) I think this is about the first large scrimmage that has taken place.

Good luck.

my bad, i meant november 19th, not october 19th, sorry, if anyone is interested, post or pm me your email adress, and we will take videos of the event and the matches.

Ok, I just sent you a PM. Thanks for offering to record some.

Any video? :slight_smile:

we got some, but we have to get them approved through the school, so if they eventually get up on youtube then i will post a link to them. probably be a week before they are up if they get approved, because we are on break right now