FTC coming to Ontario!

This thread is a place for discussion about FTC in Canada.
Things to talk about:

  • Is your team thinking of starting one?
  • Tips, tricks & advice.
  • Impact on rest of FTC world
  • Questions and answers
  • Anything FTC related
    (I hope this thread ends up helping the new Canadian teams)

Edit: My bad I didn’t realize that FTC was already in Canada, I must have misunderstood the announcement. Regardless I hope this helps some people.

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I’m not sure how well FTC will grow in Ontario. Ontario does have some very strong FRC teams that could support the program, but it also has a very strong Vex community. It will be very interesting to see how those play out oin parallel.

As far as I am aware, FTC has lower opperating costs than FRC, which might make it more attractive to schools who are considering a robotics team of some kind.

The deadline to register is coming up fast though and there are only a number of slots in the province, if you want to start a team you should be quick about it.

EDIT: Changed “Canada” to “Ontario”

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There already are Canadian teams in BC, one of which has won the world inspire (world chairman’s equivalent).

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There are currently 46 FTC teams in Alberta. FRC team 5015 has run FTC teams over the past few years, and we are planning to run several teams next year with team 4334. If anyone has any questions about FTC, feel free to reach out to us.

What is this post referring to? FTC has been in Canada for a while, as Kyle said above, we have a ton of teams in Alberta, along with a Provincial Championship.

Was there some announcement about FTC in Canada?

A more appropriate title for this thread would have been “FRC coming to Ontario”. At the recent FIRST Ontario Provincial Championship for FRC, FIRST Canada announced that FTC would be coming to Ontario for the 2019/2020 season. This would mark the first FTC event in Ontario since the 2008/2009 season.



Sorry I had not realized it was only Ontario.

Oops. My bad.

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I just did a stupid and didn’t fully understand what was happening.

I was kinda meh on it until I saw Gluten Free (11115) at champs. Dang that thing is fast! Very cool. Does FTC restrict the use of manufactured parts at all?


You can manufacture whatever parts you want. They have limits on COTS.

The limits on COTS are somewhat arbitrary, however, and are basically subject to “does the GDC like it.”

No shifters, no ratchet-wrench hanging setups, but otherwise I can’t think of anything that’s unfairly been nixed under the “one degree of freedom” rule. (And shifters on a field that size are a little absurd, though I could see a case for a PTO application.)

FTC gets a bad rap for various reasons, not all of them deserved. It’s well worth looking into, especially for the schools you know can’t sustain FRC.

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shifters are actually allowed, such as the vexpro ballshifter. a few teams have used it, with the most notable being Viper Bots Hydra this year, dedicating 6 motors for drive, 1 for extension, 1 for lift, and three of the drive motors have a pto on it to shift for hanging. But I’d say that things such as the Actobotics/ Gobilda linear actuators are under what nick is referring to. They technically aren’t legal, but the GDC made an exception.

PTOs, absurd? pffft. thats mild compared to the two wheeled robots, ball drives, fan powered shooters, trampoline shooters, etc. that people have made this year.

On a serious note though, I’d put a PTO under the useful category rather than the extra category.

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